Guidelines For Dosing Cannabidiol (CBD)

Updated: Apr 2

We get many questions here at RopaNa about how to correctly dose Cannabidiol (CBD). These questions include advice on how to dose across several mediums including topical, edible and sublingual (oil-based) CBD preparations.

The first important fact to note is there is not enough research to indicate what dose works for specific ailments.

The second very critical piece of information is that CBD applied topically does not require a specific 'dose'. If a topical formulation is made with a high enough CBD concentration then it will work for most people. Topical products are very simple to use because of this and only require the user to apply the formulation to the affected area to experience relief. These applications have been reported by our customers to work well for localized pain/inflammation relief as well as helping skin inflammation/issues like psoriasis and eczema. Topical applications, however, do not provide any internal or mental benefits.

So how are you supposed to determine your ‘just right’ CBD dose?

General Dosing Considerations

When it comes to internal CBD consumption such as eating an edible or sublingual preparation (tincture), dosing becomes a much more challenging issue. This is due to a few factors including:

-Individual body chemistry (metabolism/genetics)

-Severity of the ailment and the desired effect based on personal needs

-Other medications you may take

Oral CBD Preparations and Bioavailability

There’s a big difference in how your body processes edibles vs. sublingual formulations like oil based tinctures.

Orally ingested CBD (“edibles”) are subject to something called “the first pass effect”. This means it’ll be subjected to additional digestive enzymes that may reduce the overall effectiveness of your dose. Times vary based on individual chemistry, but edibles can take anywhere from 30 to two hours to kick in.

Sublingual preparations such as CBD oils absorb much more quickly than edibles as they are not subject to the first pass effect. Cannabinoids delivered via this method are instead absorbed through mucosal membrane linings under the tongue. This unique method of delivery is more efficient and therefore faster than any edible product.

Finding Your “Just Right” CBD Dose

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ dose.

Our advice to new CBD users is to start low and gradually increase your dose until the desired effects are achieved. This approach to dosing helps people to use only what they need and no more, saving money, time and resources.A low starting dose for CBD in our experience is starting with 5 milligrams (mg) to 10 mg of CBD.

It is also easier to control the dose of sublingual products since you can go drop by drop, increasing by as little as 0.25mg at a time. This process of finding your ideal dose is called titration.

We tell people they can start with 5-10mg and then wait 1-2 hours. If desired effects are not achieved repeat this process. Take another 5-10mg and wait another 1-2 hours to see if effects are achieved. After a few hours or over the course of a day of this delicate process of tuning into your body helps people discover what dose works best for their needs.

Another important note is that some people can require especially high doses (100-150mg or more) of CBD before noticing benefits.

Which Is The Right CBD Oil For You?

The Entourage typically requires lower doses and works better for some people (depending again on body type and desired effect). The main difference between our classic Nectars and the Entourage line is the Entourage line is a full spectrum product. This means it contains trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%) as well as minor cannabinoids like CBG or CBN, terpenes and other beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids. The Entourage line contains only two ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil from one of our local farms here in Vermont (extracted using food grade alcohol) and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) from 100% organic coconuts.

Our classic RopaNa Nectar also contains only two ingredients. The main difference between them is the Nectar line is made with CBD isolate, which is 95-99% pure CBD without any THC or other compounds. We created this option for people that are highly sensitive to THC and cannot tolerate even the trace amount (0.3%) allowed in hemp products or for individuals who have to comply with drug testing.

We usually recommend starting with the classic Isolate Nectar options for people brand new to hemp and CBD products. Start low and be patient with your body and the CBD. Given a chance and taken properly CBD has tremendous harmonizing power with both the body and the mind.

Thank you for sharing your time and energy to read this offering.



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None of these statements or products have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Per FDA regulations, we cannot recommend specific doses or uses to customers. To read more on this visit our Educate page. 

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