CBD Holiday Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Updated: Apr 2

With its trending popularity and widespread appeal of natural healing, CBD is sure to be a hot item for this holiday season!! The hard part is, with so many different brands and different products on the market, how is one to choose what’s right for that certain someone?

I’ll start by saying CBD is a fantastic choice as a gift for everyone on your Holiday shopping list!! With its wide range of uses and applications almost anyone can benefit from using some form of CBD. So the real question is, what form is right for who? Allow us to make a few suggestions for you.

CBD For Seniors

The first general age group of people we will talk about are 60+. This group of people tend to LOVE CBD especially if its introduced properly and they’re educated about its use. One article utilized data from over 1,000 seniors surveyed and found that 61% of them reported a decrease in chronic pain after using CBD.

We suggest a topical formulation such as our CBD salve for the 60+ age group because there is no need to worry about dosing. You can just apply the salve, roll-on or lotion to the affected area and within 15-30 minutes relief will be experienced.

Topical products can reduce localized pain and inflammation. They can also provide relief with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Tinctures (CBD oils) or edibles are also fine for this age group, but dosing and potential drug interactions may present additional challenges. If you want to purchase a tincture for your older loved ones, be sure to educate yourself on how to use it so that you can easily and accurately explain it to the person receiving the gift. If you go with a topical for those 60+ on your list for this year it will be sure to be a hit without any hassle!!!

CBD Gift Ideas For Adults

Folks aged 30-60 can generally use CBD easily in any form, though those on medications still should talk to their doctor before starting any new supplement.

One emerging trend is smoking raw CBD flower in lieu of cigarettes. Using CBD in this way can help people quit nicotine while still gaining access to the benefits associated with CBD use. For someone brand new to CBD we suggest CBD flower if they are into smoking, or a low dose CBD oil so that the person can gradually figure out what dose works best for them.

CBD Gifts For Millennials

For younger folks (minimum age of 18 or 21 depending on where you are) I would highly suggest a tincture or raw flower if they are into vaporizing/smoking. This is because if you talk to people of this age group you’ll often hear anxiety is a huge issue that affects an incredible amount of people in varying degrees of severity. Anxiety is one of the top reasons people are trying CBD, and for it to have any effect it must be taken internally either through a tincture, edible, drink or vaporization/smoking.

Vaporizing/smoking is especially a great way to use CBD for anxiety because it is almost instantaneous in its effect (unlike edibles which can take 2 hours to kick in). When dealing with anxiety, minutes can feel like hours, so the faster the onset of relief the better.

CBD oils (tinctures) also work fairly quickly due to sublingual absorption. Tinctures typically have an onset of about 30 min- 1 hour when held under the tongue for 30 seconds or more.

CBD Gifts For Athletes

CBD topicals including creams, salves, roll-ons and lotions are some of the most thoughtful and wholesome gifts you can get for your beloved athletes. There are numerous pro athletes that endorse CBD and its benefits for muscle recovery for post game/training session relief. Share this natural healing remedy with any active member of your family and you’ll be sure to impress everyone with your knowledge of new holistic trends in sports.

Questions To Consider Before Buying CBD Gifts

The first question to ask yourself is: can this person tolerate any trace of THC? Whether it’s due to drug testing for a job, or is simply someone who is hypersensitive to THC and avoids it even in trace amounts, it’s very important to know how to select the appropriate CBD preparation.

Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC as well as terpenes, fats, waxes and other cannabinoids. CBD isolate, however, is an extract of 95-99% pure CBD and has no detectable THC, terpenes, fats, waxes, or other cannabinoids. As such isolates are most appropriate for those who have to pass drug tests or cannot tolerate any THC. While full spectrum contains a trace amount of THC these products have a wider range of beneficial effects. You can learn more about the difference between full spectrum and isolate CBD products here.

If you have no idea what to get that younger person on your list, CBD is a fantastic choice because it gives the gift of self care and wellness.

No matter what you decide to do for your loved ones this holiday season, remember it's not about material gifts or money and status. Fill yourself and others with genuine love, compassion, kindness and respect. Through acts of loving kindness show people that this world and life are beautiful, be reminded constantly that it is a blessing just to be alive in this present moment. You can change the world with a smile and a heart filled with love, all it takes is to make a choice, no one is too small.

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